Timely Tales presents Elite – Manuscript Edition


The world is a scary place. It just is. Children who grow up with imagination have something to hold on to when the world gets to scary. And it will get scary. I am an advocate of the timely tale. It is a tale that comes at the right moment. It heals when no medicine can. It brings peace when nothing is calm. It is one of many tales designed to restore magic and imagination in the world. It’s what every child needs… whether they are age 5 – or 105.


ELITE is a young adult fairy-tale fantasy novel and timely tale inspired by African folktales, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and 1001 Arabian Nights. With a modern twist on traditional folklore and an introspective commentary on war, this nuanced tale offers accessibility to younger readers and depth for a sophisticated audience.

Aceun is a 9 year old boy who has found the crimson stone and it transforms him; he is not just a witch anymore. When the Opem Nation attacks the capital, the king seeks out the newly transformed Aceun and three other elite to save his kingdom. For the first time in his life Aceun feels truly special. He feels like a hero. Life however, is not fair. A hero’s test does not begin with success. It begins with failure.


The Elite – Manuscript Edition is the raw version and original vision. I know the final version will be superior in every way, but I very much enjoy having this version. For me, it is always important remember where you started and like the Timely Tales Preview Book before it, this is where I started.

For 2011 the focus is editing, rewriting, and finding an agent. I have one surprising journey ahead of me and I cannot wait to get as many people involved. If you’re curious to learn more about Elite and Timely Tales or want to get involved, do not hesitate to reach out to me at ahmadu.gidado@gmail.com

You can also read up on the manuscript edition here:



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    Share feedback, support, and ideas at ahmadu.gidado@gmail.com. Be sure to follow my personal twitter account @aceun for the random musings of my everyday life. Finally, you can always find me on facebook (though I rarely go on these days outside of ucanduit *_*)
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